Examinations are conducted annually in:

 Examination Sessions are generally held at the following times:

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examination Syllabus is taught to more than a quarter of a million students across 82 countries, and is from one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world.  A registered examiner of the RAD will tour NQ during this session.  Throughout the year, the students study the RAD Classical Ballet Syllabus, and these Examinations assess the students’ ability to progress to the next level or grade.  Examinations enable students to work towards a goal through their ballet classes and to receive recognition from the world’s largest classical ballet examining body.  Vocational Graded Qualifications are also recognised on Year 12 or Senior School Certificates.

Australasian Dance Association (ADA) Examination Syllabus is taught throughout Australia, Malaysia and South Africa.  It has been established since 1931, making it the longest established dance organisation in the Southern Hemisphere.  Students’ progress through the grades of Pre Primary to Supreme, and are then able to study for teaching qualifications in both Jazz and Tap dance.  These qualifications are also recognised on Year 12 or Senior Schooling Certificates.  ADA was formerly known as the FATD.

Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus This is a dynamic tap syllabus which combines the foundations of basic technique with fast, rhythmical and exciting tapping!  The syllabus incorporates intricate rhythms and very fast footwork!  Examinations in this syllabus are also on offer.

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