Fee Structure - 2021

All Fees are GST Inclusive

The Fee Structure for Classes in all Dance Genre is calculated by Duration

30 minute class $12.00 per class
45 minute class $14.00 per class
60 minute class $16.00 per class
90 minute class $18.00 per class

It is highly recommended that students study ballet twice a week, and is COMPULSORY for those who wish to be considered for Ballet Examinations.  For those who wish to be considered for Ballet Examinations, it is also COMPULSORY that students from Grade 1 up study Jazz.

All other classes are conducted once a week.

In the event of a natural disaster eg. Cyclone, classes will not be made up or refunded.

Multiple Class Discount

Discount applies on an individual student basis

5 Classes per week 10%
6 Classes per week 11%
7 Classes per week 12%
8 Classes per week 13%
9 Classes per week 14%
10+ Classes per week  15%

Family Discount

Discount is in addition to any multiple class discount

2 in the family 5%
3 in the family 10%
4+ in the family 15%

Payment Types

Fees may be paid by:

Terms of Payment

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