Our Mission

Under the guidance of Director Melanie Connors, the dedicated student has the opportunity to train and aspire to a professional career in dance and entertainment.  Whether seeking a career in dance or learning for fun, all students are given every opportunity to achieve, and are encouraged to perform to their greatest potential.

Children as young as 3, will learn to relate movement to music, enhancing their rhythm, co-ordination and appreciation of music itself.  Freedom of movement and use of imagination is very important and is encouraged from a very early age.

The dance industry is forever changing, and we believe it is of great importance to keep up with change and progress, with particular emphasis on training techniques and safe dance whilst also keeping up to date with the latest dance styles.  At Turning Pointe we endeavour to deliver as many workshops as we can to the students, giving them the opportunity to work with other dance professionals in the industry from all over the world.

Young children, both girls and boys, benefit greatly from such wonderful interaction with each other through dance, and learn that they can do great and marvellous things if they use their minds and bodies.  With this, comes an increased level of concentration and self-esteem as well as an enhanced sense of overall grooming, carriage and deportment of the whole body.

Whether children enrol in dance classes for pleasure or a possible career path, the simple joy of learning to dance provides your child with the opportunity to make new friends and learn one of the most rewarding art forms.  After all, children will always be worth whatever it takes!

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